Alexis. 19. I just wanted to be a normal fan.



the new panic video made me hella uncomfortable

Happy baby niall during his solo in SOML {Argentina, May 4th}

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"So cute, aww little bubba!"


doing the lord’s work

How do you feel about all these people sitting down here?


can I like not be fat anymore or

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"thrones. yeah. game of thrones, yeah. game of thrones (fucking game of thrones fucking game of thrones)" 😎 ((that should be your next #GospelCover @walkthemoonband 👍))

Dreamy eyes @Kyle_JSimmons  #omg #yolo (x)

WAIT i was just going through videos from last night and the ~intro music~ for walk the moon is the fucking game of thrones theme i love them so much

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i may not have hugged him but this will do 😇

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he’s so cute tho

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didn’t get a pic w/ alex but this eyeliner deserves awards bc it was pouring rain and stayed put 😎

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