Alexis. 19. I just wanted to be a normal fan.


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Ed Sheeran on Jimmy Kimmel 8/28/14 [x]


"Sneak a pic of a friend making it look like it’s their own selfie. Example, “omg look josh took this dumb selfie.”” x.

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Ed in a dress, Aaron Paul and a puppy all sitting in a bar. This sounds like the beginning of a joke but nope, it’s real life



i love ed sheeran’s legs so much fuck

twenty one pilots at summer sonic festival, japan

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about to have an existential crisis it’s whatever///


Police brutality in Ferguson costs taxpayers millions.

is still think the kaulitz twins are hot and i kind of hate myself for it

i do not know what to do with myself like i can’t start the readings yet bc the books i’ve been assigned haven’t arrived yet like i actually want to read assigned text but can’t this is strange

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i applied for an on campus job i feel like such an adult right now